Anton Wilk

Hello. I’m Anton,

A landscape, travel & street photographer based in Perth, Australia. Obsessive-complusive when it comes to compositions, especially in well-photographed places. I capture fresh, provocative and dramatic images from the environment around me, to offer you novel and unseen perspectives.

I’m originally from the UK, but have spent the last 10 years in Perth. I’ve travelled throughout Asia and Australia, and seen a lot. This has given me a unique outlook on life, which has inspired me to shoot the world.

Personal: my favourite food is curry (more recently the Sapporo soup curry, originally from Hokkaido, Japan) I have three cats: Hercules, Aladdin and Leo. Shooting in fog is my ideal shoot. I like rain and colder temperatures.


Shoot images as if they could be from anywhere; chase the light. Colour grading to make you smile.

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